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Innovative Technology Solutions for the Healthcare Sector with Ayté

Optimizing Healthcare through Advanced Technology.

At Ayté, we are committed to the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

Our solutions, ranging from administrative process automation to mobile application development, are designed to improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of healthcare. Discover how we can help your institution navigate the complex landscape of digital health.

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Automation of Administrative Processes

We use OTOBO to automate and optimize administrative tasks, improving operational efficiency in healthcare institutions.

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IT Infrastructure

We provide cloud migration and design solutions to create scalable IT infrastructure, crucial for expanding healthcare services.


Health Data Analysis Platforms

We develop serverless platforms for in-depth analysis of health data, facilitating research and trend tracking.

Incident Response and Event Management Systems


We implement efficient incident and event management systems with OTOBO, essential in fast healthcare environments

Medical Data Storage and
Access Solutions

We offer secure and accessible cloud storage systems for electronic medical records, improving collaboration among various healthcare roles

Supply Chain Automation and Optimization

We use OTOBO to automate inventory management, orders, and logistics, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for
Critical Health Data

We develop robust backup and recovery solutions to protect important medical data from any contingency.

Development of Health Mobile Applications

We create serverless mobile applications for patients and healthcare professionals, improving communication and treatment monitoring.

Our Clients

Testimonials and Recognitions

It is an innovative company, it is trending at the service level in technology and service desks, human quality is amazing. Provides reliability.

Diana Carolina Carmona Zuluaga


Are you ready to transform your healthcare institution with advanced technology?

Contact us to explore how our solutions can meet your needs.

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