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A leap in quality in usability and performance

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OTOBO is the IT Service Management solution (ITSMS) that was born as a fork of OTRS Community Edition, with one of its main objectives being to maintain the open source approach.

Optimized Forms

They allow data to be captured more efficiently, allowing the necessary fields to be hidden or shown according to the selections made by the user. As an improvement in the structure, you can also create forms with multiple columns, group fields and create labels, once again making the system easier to use.

Most modern portal for clients and users

Taking care of great usability principles (UX/UI), this new interface is modern and attractive, much cleaner and more intuitive. This is listening to one of the recurring requests from users looking for a better user experience.

Greater security

Interesting security features are included as standard, such as the possibility of requesting stronger passwords according to the organization's security principles, the possibility of using two-factor authentication and protection against brute force, limiting the number of failed attempts when accessing passwords. access the system

Higher performance

 They have reworked the basic structure of OTRS, achieving substantial improvements in system performance.

More efficient searches

 Using the benefits of elasticsearch The speed of output of search results is improved under any of the attributes and objects that the system has (tickets, attachments, clients, companies, among others), also allowing greater flexibility in the configuration of searches.

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