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Cátedra Ayté:Development of Serverless Applications on AWS 

Transforming the future of technology alongside the University of Cauca

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The Ayté Chair, in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications (FIET) of the University of Cauca, presents a unique complementary course designed to immerse students in the world of Serverless applications on AWS.

This course aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing future professionals to tackle the technological challenges of today's market.

Course Objectives

Provide a deep understanding of Serverless technologies and their implementation on AWS

Promote the development of practical skills through real projects

Prepare students for the demands of the job market in emerging technologies

Course Content

Introduction to Serverless architectures.

Case studies and practical projects.

Best practices and design patterns.

Development and deployment of Serverless applications.

Fundamentals of AWS and related services.


The course adopts a theoretical-practical methodology that emphasizes active learning. Students will work on real projects, guided by experienced professionals from Ayté, allowing them to apply the concepts learned and develop innovative solutions.

Benefits for Students

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Acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge in Serverless technologies.

Hands-on experience in real projects.

Hands-on experience in real projects.

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Registration and Requirements

To enroll in the course, you must be a student in the Telematics Technology program at the University of Cauca

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