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Innovation and Efficiency in the Financial and Insurance Sector
with Ayté

We accompany digital transformation in insurance and financial services management with advanced technology and agile solutions.

Discover how Ayté is working on digital transformation in the Financial and Insurance sectors.

With our experience in Serverless Development, Agile Methodologies, and Cloud Migrations, we are ready to take your business to the next level, ensuring efficiency, security, and a solid digital strategy.

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Serverless Development with Agile Methodologies

Through our Serverless Development with Agile Methodologies service, we transform ideas into efficient and adaptive technological solutions, ideal for the changing financial and insurance environments.

Design and Cloud Migration with Experts

Ayté also specializes in migrating mission-critical infrastructures from On-Premise environments to cloud solutions with AWS.

This change of model is essential for improving business continuity and user experience.

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Key Benefits

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Agility, Scalability, and Efficiency in the Cloud

With our Cloud migrations, we have managed to reduce downtime for critical applications by 90%.

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Improvements in Response Times and Business Scalability

Our solutions on AWS have allowed customers to experience improvements in application response times, as well as automatic scaling to meet changing business demands.


and Compliance

In all our solutions, we prioritize data security and regulatory compliance, essential in the financial and insurance sectors.

Success Stories and Achievements

Reduction in Policy Issuance Times and More

We highlight how our solutions have revolutionized insurance policy issuance, complaint management, and customer interaction.

Successful Cloud Migrations

We have assisted in the migration of critical infrastructures to AWS, achieving a substantial improvement in availability and performance.

Our Clients


Success Stories


Maximization of availability for services and applications


Testimonials and Awards

"Yes, I recommend them, as they provide good service, both in customer service and knowledge of the subjects, as well as support for the processes and stages of each task. It's a good process they carry out."

Paola Rodríguez


Certifications and Experience

Leaders in the insurance sector and experts in regulated sectors, we guarantee security, reliability, and compliance in every project

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Discover how our solutions can adapt to your specific needs.

Our team is ready to guide you through every step of your digital transformation journey.

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