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Factory of Opportunities

A social responsibility program by Ayté dedicated to providing training and first employment to talented but underserved youth. Discover how we're changing the future of technology, one life at a time.


Our Mission

The Factory of Opportunities is born from the conviction that talent is distributed equitably, but opportunities are not.

We focus on identifying and training young individuals with potential in technology, offering them a path towards professional and personal development. Through this program, we aim not only to transform companies with innovative solutions, but also to transform lives, providing tools and knowledge that enable our participants to build a promising future.

Success Stories

Transforming Futures



Larry Mosquera


"He gives young people a new opportunity, for example, he gave it to me. I thought I was going to have to work in construction my whole life, but no, now I'm here."


Mónica Yalanda


"This has helped me to overcome myself, to focus my goal further and to think that everything is possible."


Junior Gómez


"As a professional, I'll be able to help other people interact and help us grow a little more."



Maria del Mar Troyano

Junior Developer

"It motivated me to improve myself, to move forward and feel proud."

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Sebastián Quinayas

Junior Developer

"What makes me most excited are the opportunities to study, work, to have a better future, and new opportunities."


Eider Urrego

Junior Developer

"It's a way to move forward professionally, to help my parents, my sister, and to have a more convenient future for us."


Nicol Tapasco

Junior Developer

"As a professional, I'll be able to help other people interact and help us grow a little more."

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Yineth Rivera

Junior Developer

"I want to have a better future and contribute what I learn here to other people, to be able to stay and work here and advance in the company."

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Cristian Yalanda

Junior Developer

"In the future, I see myself as a person developed both personally and in knowledge."

Program and Training

Our six-month program combines theory and practice, covering everything from basic systems concepts to advanced development skills.

In our second version, with the support of the University of Cauca, participants receive a solid academic education, complemented by practical experience on real projects. Upon completion, they receive an official certificate and the opportunity to join our team as Junior Developers.

Mentorship and Support

Personalized Guidance

We understand that growth goes beyond technical training. That's why each participant receives mentorship from Ayté's team of collaborators, experienced professionals, and graduate students in engineering from the University of Cauca, who provide guidance, support, and practical advice for navigating the world of technology.

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Opportunities and Future

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The Opportunity Factory is just the beginning. Our goal is to open doors to a future full of possibilities. Participants who demonstrate dedication and talent have the opportunity to continue their careers at Ayté, working on challenging projects and making a real difference in the technology industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program cover?

The program covers first employment and training in software development, personalized mentorship, hands-on experience in projects, and an official certificate upon completion.

Is there any associated cost?

No, the program is completely free for selected participants.

Are you interested in partnering with us to transform lives through this Opportunity Factory?

Let's talk! We would be delighted to collaborate and bring many more participants into the program.

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