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Service Management and Automation with OTOBO

Flexible solutions for Enterprise and IT Services without licensing costs

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At Ayté, we specialize in the implementation and support of OTOBO.

An open-source information system designed to manage business services, IT services, and automate processes.

Main Advantages

Extensive Experience

Over 16 years providing customized solutions with OTOBO.

Custom Plans

From Hourly Packages to 24/7 support, we adapt to your needs.

No Licensing Costs

Take advantage of an open-source system without worrying about hidden costs.

Guaranteed Flexibility

We adapt OTOBO to the specificities of your business.

Why Ayté?

Our Clients

16 Years in the Market

During this time, we have carried out more than 150 installations in
over 8 countries and various business sectors.


More than 340 agents solving cases with a concurrency of over 60 agents at a time, divided into more than 200 workgroups.

Transform your service management with OTOBO and Ayté

Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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