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Health, an area that cannot be stopped

Digitalization as a rapid response tool

Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital

For a healthcare institution, it is unacceptable to sustain a request for more than ten minutes.

This can incur invaluable costs.



Improvement of performance in operations by enabling more than 80 business processes on a unified service platform.

Migration of new operation standards to areas of Health Informatics, Engineering and Maintenance, Payroll and Labor Statistics, Information Technology, Security and Occupational Health, General Services, and Environmental Management, all on a single technological base.

Positive implications on service quality, speed of case resolution, traceability, real-time cost information, and inventories.

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Valentech faced difficulties with its local Windows On-Premise servers, which were causing slowdowns in its main application. The search for solutions led to the decision to migrate key applications to the AWS cloud, including its Active Directory, LMS, Help Desk, and Accounting Software.

These applications, vital for their operation, were also experiencing slowness, and migration was seen as the way to overcome these challenges. Valentech relied on AYTÉ's knowledge and experience for this project.

Solution and Implementation Process

With a strategic vision, Valentech chose to deploy four Amazon EC2 Instances on AWS to host its critical applications. Additionally, an AWS VPN Site-to-Site service was implemented to ensure secure communication between the local network and the AWS cloud.

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What do our customers say?

The implementation of Conecta (HPTU Information System) has made it possible to provide a quick and optimal solution to each incident in the different areas of the Hospital.

Juan Pablo Arango

IT Support Analyst



Agents who solve cases


Digital Workflows


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Valentech has demonstrated its ability to innovate and adapt to the future, leading the transformation in the healthcare sector. Their strategic focus on the AWS cloud not only optimized their operations but also opened doors to continuous and collaborative growth.

This success story highlights the importance of collaboration, determination, and bold vision in facing technological challenges.

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