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Enhancing Operational Efficiency in Educational Institutions with Ayté Solutions

Advanced Technological and Administrative Support for Higher Education

At Ayté, we understand the unique challenges of the education sector.

We specialize in providing advanced and customized technological solutions for higher education institutions, focusing on automation, scalability, security, and agile development. Discover how our solutions can transform your institution.

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Automation of Administrative Processes

We optimize administrative processes through automated solutions, improving efficiency, facilitating tracking and compliance, and reducing workload using all the advantages of OTOBO.

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Scalable IT


We offer cloud architecture solutions that scale according to your institution's needs, ensuring that the IT infrastructure can handle student growth and digital resource demands.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

We implement robust backup and recovery systems to protect critical data and ensure operational continuity in the event of any incident.

Regulatory Compliance and Security


We have extensive experience and qualified personnel to comply with data security and privacy regulations, ensuring the protection of student and staff information.

Utilizing OTOBO

for Automation and Efficiency

Incident and Problem Management

With OTOBO, we efficiently manage incidents and problems, ensuring a rapid response and resolution.

Technology Asset Management

We use OTOBO for effective tracking and maintenance of technology assets, improving IT resource management.

Serverless Development for New Applications

We develop serverless applications, providing efficient, scalable, and low-maintenance solutions to enrich the digital learning environment.

Our Clients


Testimonials and Recognitions

"It is a company that meets contractual aspects, offers value-added services, and always has resources available to assist us, allowing for a strategic partnership that aids in the development of our institution."



Are you ready to revolutionize technology in your educational institution?

Contact us for a personalized consultation and discover what Ayté can do for you.

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