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Prepare your company for disasters

With our Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
based on the

AWS services.

Benefits of DRP

You can get up to three months free in cloud services thanks to credits offered by AWS

Total configuration and deployment services there will be no cost

1.For an application consisting of an application server and a database server, on Linux operating system, with up to 2 CPUs and up to 8 GB RAM, as well as up to 500 GB of       Storage for each Server. For applications with more computing capacity requirements or Operating Systems, the scenario must be analyzed and the respective adjustments made in     the costs. Ayté will ensure that the company obtains the greatest possible cost benefits through an appropriate architectural design.

2. For the deployment of the architecture mentioned in the previous note, as long as the company does not currently consume more than USD 800 in AWS services. For    More complex architectures will be offered as value-added services of up to USD 1000

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At Ayté we understand how important it is to ensure that your organization is ready for any eventuality.

That is why we are pleased to put our solution at your disposal.DRP based on the services ofAWS, which can prepare you for any disaster.

Our DRP can help your business mitigate the impact of infrastructure disruptions, data loss, security threats, software or hardware failures, and natural disasters. With our solution, your business can quickly recover from any disaster and continue operating without significant interruptions.

For this, we use the best of AWS services; ensuring the privacy of your data with the AWS VPN service; cloud application security with AWS WAF; the compute capacity required with Amazon EC2 Instances; and AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery that allows data recovery in minutes.

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