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The Importance of Effective Customer Service Management

Atención al cliente

Surely, you've experienced calling a company from which you've purchased a product or service, and they don't answer. You write an email to the address on their website and wait for days without a response. You call their phone line with a bit more patience and spend hours on hold until you can finally get through. You did it! They take your information and promise to get back to you soon to address your request or issue. Days pass... and no one calls. You repeat everything you've done before and manage to contact someone again, but this person has no idea what you're talking about or has no information about what you requested days ago. You get frustrated!

If this hasn't happened to you, you've probably heard stories like these from friends or acquaintances. And if you're part of a company, you certainly don't want your company to be the one in this story, especially considering that customer frustration leads to 13% of people being willing to tell 15 or more others if they're not satisfied with the service. On the contrary, 72% will share a positive experience with 6 or more people. Definitely, being in the second group is much better!

Among all the opportunities to improve service and avoid these customer frustrations, one interesting approach is the implementation of a Customer Service Management Information System. With this, you can ensure that the communication channels available to customers for reporting their cases to the company allow for centralization and automation of some tasks. Some examples of what you can achieve are as follows:

When customers write to your company's contact email or fill out the famous "contact us" form on your website, this will automatically create cases in the Management System and may even redirect them to the appropriate personnel. The system can automatically respond to the customer to reassure them that their case has indeed been logged into the management center. Internal communications or tasks that the company needs to perform will be centralized in the Management System. This will ensure that case traceability is easy to maintain, and we always have the necessary information on hand to respond to the customer about the status of their case. Customers can check the status of their cases through the website without needing to call the company. This will surely make them very happy! You can automatically collect customer feedback through web surveys, very useful statistical information even as a requirement for your quality management systems. You can also take advantage of omnichannel capabilities, allowing customers to contact us and check the status of their cases via WhatsApp.

All of these functionalities, in addition to improving the customer's perception of the service they receive, also present a significant strategic opportunity for your company. You will have crucial information on hand that will help you uncover things like:

  • Who are the customers with the highest demand for our post-sale services?

  • What is the most common reason for customer calls?

  • How long does it take to respond adequately to these cases?

  • How do our customers rate our services?

All efforts to improve the customer experience will be well rewarded, as companies that provide an excellent customer experience see their revenues grow 4-8% above the market.

The interesting part is that there are Customer Service Management Information Systems available for companies of all sizes. If you'd like us to provide more details about these solutions and how they can improve management in your organization, we'd be happy to meet with you, share more details, and assist you in this process. Contact us!

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