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Optimization and Automation of Magnetic Media Reporting Process

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For all organizations, accuracy and efficiency in reporting magnetic media to regulatory entities are crucial.

Many companies face the challenge of handling large volumes of data manually, which not only consumes significant time but also increases the risk of errors.

Ayté offers an innovative solution that transforms this critical process through automation and optimization, ensuring unprecedented compliance and accuracy.


Increased Accuracy: Minimization of human errors through automation, improving precision and regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Reduction of data processing time from one month to just one day.

Adaptability: Flexibility to quickly adjust to changes in regulations without extensive manual interventions.

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Companies handle millions of rows of data daily that must be reported to regulatory entities in specific formats. The manual process is not only error-prone but also unsustainable in the face of growing regulatory requirements and data volumes.

These challenges translate into risks of sanctions for non-compliance and excessive operational burden.

Solution and Implementation Process

Ayté implements a custom Serverless solution in the cloud, using the most advanced AWS technologies. Our architecture allows for automated data processing, from collection to report generation in formats required by regulatory entities. This solution not only reduces dependence on technical resources but also adapts to regulatory changes with minimal interventions.

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Amazon AWS Glue for data transformation and automated ETLs.


Amazon Redshift for secure and efficient storage of transformed information.


AWS Lambda to execute data transformation processes in response to specific events.


Amazon QuickSight for data visualization and report generation.


AWS Transfer Family for secure data transfer.

Additionally, we integrate a data lake to consolidate and organize historical information, facilitating advanced accesses and queries by the company.

Ayté Credentials

As an AWS Advanced Partner, we have more than 50 certifications and accreditations in key technologies.

Our expert team is ready to design and deploy solutions that perfectly fit the specific needs and challenges of your company.

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Discover how Ayté can transform data management in your company, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation and take your magnetic media reporting process to the desired operational efficiency!

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