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Optimization in AWS Cloud

How Valentech Revolutionized its Infrastructure and Elevated its Performance in the Healthcare Sector

In the competitive field of healthcare, Valentech has proven to be an innovative leader, committed to improving the quality of life for healthcare system users.

Through a bold technological transformation, this company has maximized its operations by migrating to the AWS cloud, resulting in a significant improvement in efficiency and performance. In this success story, we explore how Valentech overcame technical challenges and achieved a transformative change in collaboration with AWS.



The costs were significantly reduced compared to the benefits obtained.

Improved performance of their applications, their operation was optimized, leaving behind previous issues and generating confidence in the system.

The simplified and self-managed administration of AWS services translated into valuable time savings.

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Valentech faced difficulties with its local Windows On-Premise servers, which were causing slowdowns in its main application. The search for solutions led to the decision to migrate key applications to the AWS cloud, including its Active Directory, LMS, Help Desk, and Accounting Software.

These applications, vital for their operation, were also experiencing slowness, and migration was seen as the way to overcome these challenges. Valentech relied on AYTÉ's knowledge and experience for this project.

Solution and Implementation Process

With a strategic vision, Valentech chose to deploy four Amazon EC2 Instances on AWS to host its critical applications. Additionally, an AWS VPN Site-to-Site service was implemented to ensure secure communication between the local network and the AWS cloud.


The AWS Backup service was activated to ensure snapshots and backups for contingencies. The process involved close collaboration between Ayté and Valentech, from initial planning to implementation and final adjustments.

Overcoming Obstacles

Replicating the Active Directory presented critical technical challenges, which were resolved through a collaborative and meticulous approach. Additionally, there was an issue with CALC licenses for the accounting application, resulting from an external vendor error.

With dedication and teamwork, these obstacles were overcome, reaffirming Valentech's determination and commitment to project success.

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Continuous Evolution and Relationship with Ayté

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The success of the migration propelled Valentech towards new opportunities. They are currently immersed in additional projects to migrate services from other companies in the same economic group to the AWS cloud. The relationship with Ayté has strengthened, considering even the adoption of services such as AWS WAF for enhanced security.


Valentech has demonstrated its ability to innovate and adapt to the future, leading the transformation in the healthcare sector. Their strategic focus on the AWS cloud not only optimized their operations but also opened doors to continuous and collaborative growth.

This success story highlights the importance of collaboration, determination, and bold vision in facing technological challenges.

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Who Made It Possible?

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Valentech Team:
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Jonathan Manosalva - IT Manager
AWS Team
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Alejandra Marín - AWS Account Manager
Ayté Team
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César Ocampo Fletcher - Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios
Icono rombo.webp
Nicolás Cerón Orozco - CTO. Solutions Architect Associate.
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Jeyson  Duque - Consultor. Solutions Architect Associate y Security Specialty de AWS
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Miguel Sánchez - Consultor. Solutions Architect Associate
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At Ayté, we have extensive experience in designing and deploying cloud architectures as well as migrating On-Premise platforms to the cloud.  We are an Partner Advanced de AWS, with qualified personnel and over 50 certifications at different levels and topics in AWS. If you want to learn how we can lead your organization to more efficient service management without licensing costs, contact us.
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