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Success in Digital Transformation

How Uniautónoma del Cauca Increased its Online Availability with Ayté

Autonomous Corporation of Cauca


In an increasingly digital world, online availability has become a critical factor for the success of organizations.  Uniautonomous Cauca, was no exception

He was facing a challenge that threatened his online presence: his On Premise domain server was experiencing constant downtime.

Benefitsfor Uniautonomous of Cauca

Ay you continues to provide support and advice, maintaining a strong relationship despite personnel changes. This demonstrates how timely care and innovative solutions can overcome complex challenges.

Experienced a dramatic reduction in online outages by migrating domains to AWS's Amazon Route 53 service. This ensured high availability of their websites, improving user experience.

The implementation of Amazon Route 53 allowed them to manage their domains more efficiently. They can now create new subdomains with ease, which has streamlined their online management.

The Autonomous University Corporation of Caucais a Higher Education Institution located in Popayán. It trains highly competitive professionals due to their scientific projection, social sensitivity and civic and business leadership.

They looked for a comprehensive and technology-savvy solution, here Ayté stood out as a strategic partner that could offer a reliable and effective solution using AWS (Amazon Web Services) services.

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After several meetings, Ayté outlined the advantages and features of the Amazon Route 53 service to UNIAUTONOMA: high availability, cached queries to speed up the loading speed of websites, and easy administration.

The transition process, while seemingly challenging, turned out to be surprisingly easy. The AYTÉ team faced no significant difficulties thanks to their meticulous planning and AWS experience. Only enough attention was paid to the times it took for the propagation of domain registrations.

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