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A Transformative Change

Successful Migration from Oracle Infrastructure to AWS


Liberty Seguros provides protection and peace of mind to individuals and businesses through insurance products and services.

Its focus on excellence and adaptation to the changing needs of its customers make it a reference in the insurance sector.



Experienced a significant improvement in application response times, reducing from tens of seconds to just a few seconds per request, enhancing the user experience.

The migration resulted in a 90% reduction in unavailability of critical applications, ensuring greater business continuity and reliability.

The new architecture on AWS allowed Liberty Seguros to easily scale to meet changing business demands, ensuring that the infrastructure can grow alongside the company.

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The Infrastructure supporting BPM applications, Document Manager, and integration platform, which are part of the organization's core business, was a virtualized OnPremise environment configured in high availability with 2 nodes and load balancer.
The following products were deployed on this environment:

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The use of the applications had grown both in users and supported processes, making the hardware resources no longer sufficient to handle the load, resulting in constant downtimes.

Migration to AWS

To address these challenges, Liberty Seguros carried out a successful migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This involved a complete redesign of the architecture, both at the logical and physical levels, based on capacity analysis and growth projections. The new architecture was designed to ensure high availability and facilitate future scaling.



Less Unavailability


Business process

1.7 millones

million Documents Migrated

2.3 million 

Process Instances Migrated


Following the migration process and overcoming the stabilization period, a robust infrastructure was achieved, with shorter response times per request (for some cases, reduced from tens of seconds to just a few seconds), a reduction in unavailability of around 90%, and the ability to scale to support business demands.

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