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Revitalizing Productivity

A Transformation to the AWS Cloud
with Ayté



Slowness and availability issues in their web applications were hindering their performance

Inmel was looking for solutions

Benefitsfor Inmel

It experienced a significant improvement in the speed and availability of its web applications, this boosted the company's productivity and efficiency, allowing for more fluid and agile operation.

The collaboration with Ay youand migration to AWS not only resolved initial challenges, but also positioned INMEL to explore and adopt emerging technology solutions, allowing it to continue innovating and adapting to changing market demands.

Adopting the AWS cloud allowed INMEL to optimize its operating costs, eliminating the need for costly investments in physical infrastructure and licensing, resulting in efficient use of financial resources.

Inmel, an integrative company specialized in infrastructure, operation and services solutions, for government, companies and end clients in the construction, mining-energy, telecommunications, water and sanitation sectors.

It decided to renew its technology with the help of AYTÉ, adopting the AWS cloud. This strategy resulted in a scalable and highly available solution, driving INMEL towards continuous exploration of emerging technological solutions.

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The implementation was so successful that INMEL decided to make POC instances an integral part of its production environment. Since then, AWS management has been handled internally by the INMEL team.

This has led to a significant increase in the number of cloud-connected headquarters, deployment of EC2 instances, and exploration of advanced features such as domain management with Amazon Route53. In addition, they have managed to improve the response of their web applications using Amazon CloudFront and have modernized some of their applications using Serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

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