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Decentralization in Customer Service Management

Transforming Customer Service Management in the Retail World


Transforming Customer Service Management in the Retail World With 17 department stores and 14 "AMIGO" stores spread across more than 20 municipalities

handling inquiries, warranty requests, and complaints became a complex and inefficient process.

This is a crucial challenge in a highly competitive market.



Thanks to the scalability and adaptability of the system, Flamingo was able to involve more than 20 areas of the company in case management, increasing its versatility and value.

It managed to centralize and structure its customer service information, driving operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

The implementation of Znuny fostered a culture of robust processes, improving the quality of services offered and increasing customer satisfaction.

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With multiple branches nationwide, each one needs to receive inquiries, warranty requests, complaints, and other customer-related matters. Initially, each branch managed this information in a decentralized manner, making it difficult to scale these cases as everything happened via email, and if the files to be sent were too large, the difficulties increased. It is in this aspect where Flamingo found a great opportunity for improvement.

AMIGO Interaction Center

With the participation of Ayté, the OTRS Community Edition information system was implemented, now called, which was baptized by the company as “AMIGO”. Its purpose was for Flamingo's Customer Service department to assist end customers and consumers of the organization.



Active Users


Cases in other areas


Concurrent Users


Involved Areas


Customer service cases per month


In process culture

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A Model for Innovation

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It has allowed maturity in the culture of structuring processes and procedures, always with the aim that, by including them in Znuny, the information system retains its value generation for the area and the organization. This has become an example for other areas of the company that have joined the system. Currently, more than 20 corporate areas are involved in management within Znuny.


The implementation of "AMIGO" based on Znuny has represented a significant change in Flamingo's customer service management. The centralization and structuring of information have been fundamental to improving efficiency and service quality. "AMIGO" has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the changing needs of the business.

The ease of implementation, adaptability, scalability, and integration capability with other systems make "AMIGO" an invaluable tool for Flamingo and other organizations looking to improve their customer service management.

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