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Automation of Policy Issuance for Insurance Companies

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In the competitive insurance sector, the ability to issue policies quickly and accurately is crucial. However, many traditional manual processes are slow and costly.

Ayté, leveraging AWS's serverless technology, offers a solution that not only improves operational efficiency but also minimizes infrastructure costs.


Improved Operational Efficiency: Automation of the policy issuance process drastically reduced processing time and improved the accuracy of generated documents.

Cost Reduction: Serverless infrastructure reduced infrastructure costs from tens of thousands of dollars annually to just $70 monthly.

High Availability and Scalability: The solution ensures optimal performance even during demand spikes, without manual intervention.

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Insurance companies face the challenge of needing a platform that automates policy issuance and is capable of automatically scaling to handle fluctuations in demand.

All without incurring the high infrastructure costs of traditional solutions.

Solution and Implementation Process

Ayté developed a completely serverless solution using AWS services to significantly reduce infrastructure management burden and operational costs. 

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Amazon CloudFront: To distribute and accelerate static and dynamic content globally.

AWS WAF: To protect the application from common web attacks and ensure platform integrity.

Amazon API Gateway: To securely handle API requests.


AWS Lambda: To execute code in response to events, such as policy generation and PDF document creation, eliminating the need to manage servers.


Amazon S3 y Amazon DynamoDB: For data and object storage, ensuring high availability and durability.

The project was developed in stages, starting with the configuration of basic infrastructure in AWS and the integration of backend and frontend services to ensure smooth and secure operation. Ayté worked closely with the insurance company to tailor the solution to its specific needs, ensuring scalability and robustness.

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Business Impact

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This digital transformation optimized the insurer's internal processes and significantly improved the customer experience, enabling agents and clients to manage and receive their documents faster and more securely.


The adoption of advanced technologies like serverless architecture has revolutionized the company's business operations

Resulting in significant savings and improvements in customer satisfaction.

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Discover how Ayté can help your company transform policy issuance with AWS serverless solutions.

Contact us to start your digital transformation today.

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