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Certificate Tax Generation Automation

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In regulated sectors, tax certificate generation is essential but often overloaded by manual processes that do not scale during demand peaks.

Ayté, using advanced AWS-based solutions, offers automation that radically transforms this critical process, improving efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Complete Automation: Elimination of manual management, reducing errors, and freeing up valuable resources.

Instant Access to Information: Ability to obtain required documents almost instantly, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Ensured Scalability: Capacity to handle previously unmanageable request volumes without compromising quality or compliance.

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Companies like insurers manage daily high volumes of tax certificate requests, traditionally processed manually.

This approach was error-prone and highly inefficient, especially during periods of high demand.

Solution and Implementation Process

Ayté implements a two-component solution to automate and simplify tax certificate management:

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Web Application for Administrative Users: Allows internal staff to efficiently manage and review the information needed to process requests.



End User Module: A web portal where intermediaries and providers can self-manage their requests, perform registrations and authentications, and automatically download necessary documents.

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Ayté's solution includes extraction and transformation of historical information stored in a data lake, integration of information generated daily by business activities, and complete automation of the document generation and delivery process. Several AWS services were used, including AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Storage Gateway, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Ayté Credentials

As an AWS Advanced Partner, Ayté is at the forefront of implementing technological solutions that utilize the latest in AWS cloud services.

Our experience and over 50 certifications in AWS technologies ensure that each solution not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting new standards in efficiency and compliance.

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Discover how Ayté's technology and AWS services can revolutionize administrative and financial processes in your company.

Contact us for more information and transform your tax certificate management today.

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