Welcome to TAPP(Tennis and Pickleball Program) by AYTE. In late 2015, we expanded our programs to include pickleball. The sport has grown exponentially and we are delighted to bring this game to your communities.  We are affiliated with the United States of America Pickleball Association (www.usapa.org). Most of our pros are certified tennis instructors who have crossed over to this great sport. Our mission is to promote and facilitate the game of Pickleball for all interested players.  Pickleball is a paddle sport played on a badminton size court.  It is easy to learn and physically less demanding than tennis, especially on the joints.


We welcome everyone from those who are simply interested in learning the sport to the most advanced players.  We can provide you with instruction and equipment so you can begin playing immediately. 


AYTE is presently offering classes in Rancho Santa Margarita at Altisima Park , Lake Forest at the Sun and Sail Club, Lake Forest Sports Park(Indoor), and Aliso Viejo/Laguna Beach at Alta Laguna Park(Top of the World). 

Adult and Junior Class Schedule:                                           

Pickleball 101(Beginner)                                                           

Monday       8am-9am(RSM)                                

Tuesday       4-5pm(5-9yrs)RSM

Tuesday       9:30am-10:30am(LF Sun and Sail)

Thursday     9am-10am(LF Sun and Sail)

Thursday     10-11am(Laguna Beach)

Thursday     4-5pm(10-16yrs)RSM

Friday           8am-9am(RSM)

Pickleball 202(Intermediate)                                             

Tuesday        6:30pm-7:30pm(RSM)

Tuesday        10:30am-11:30am(LF Sun and Sail)

Wednesday  9am-10am(RSM)

Thursday      11-12noon(Laguna Beach)

Pickleball 303(High Intermediate)

Thursday   12noon-1pm(Laguna Beach)

Thursday    6:30pm-7:30pm(RSM)