Junior Development Program

Our After School Program is available to juniors from beginners to advanced ages 4-17 years old. All classes are one or one and a half hours long.  Each day’s program will include instruction, drills, strategy, and match play in an environment geared towards both learning and fun.  All classes will be divided according to age and ability level. There must be a minimum of three students in order for a class to be held. Sessions are 8 classes, no penalty for absences.               


Tennis Fun For Little Ones


Welcome to PLAYTENNIS for Tiny Tots, the fun and educational tennis play, skills and coaching program. We provide tennis classes for pre-school age children (4-5) and also hold classes for older children up to the age of 11, as well as working in high quality day nurseries. The classes develop children's basic co-ordination skills, gross and fine motor control, agility and balance and at the same time also promote social interaction and develop confidence, language and listening skills.

Playing tennis at a young age is not only a fantastic way for children to enjoy a sport but studies* also show that it also provides these other amazing lifelong benefits:

  • It is the best sport in ensuring great physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • It promotes confidence.

  • Is a great way of developing the ABCs of agility, balance and co-ordination; promoting gross and fine motor control.

  • Tennis players score higher in vigour, optimism, and self-esteem than other athletes

  • Playing tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking and may generate new connections between nerves in the brain so promoting a lifetime of continuing development of the brain.

  • Physical benefits keep childhood obesity at bay.


* Studies by Jack L. Groppel, PhD, a top scientist recently engaged by the US Tennis Association



Tennis      Pickleball                                                     


"HAI AND MIGHTY"(1 hour class $199 prepaid 8x session) Beginner

(Ages 6-9)Tuesday, 4-5pm(Rancho Santa Margarita)

(Ages 4-5)Monday, 4-4:45pm(Rancho Mission Viejo), Monday, 5-6pm(Rancho Mission Viejo)

Ages 5-10) Wednesday, 4-5pm or 5-6pm (Rancho Mission Viejo)

(Ages 5-10) Thursday, 4-5pm (Dove Canyon)

(Ages 10-14) Thursday, 4-5pm (Rancho Santa Margarita)

(Ages 5-10) Saturday, 3-4pm(advanced) or 4-5pm (Rancho Mission Viejo)

(Ages 5-6) Saturday, 9-10am (Rancho Santa Margarita)

(Ages 7-8) Saturday, 10-11am (Rancho Santa Margarita)


"SKY-HAI"(1.5 hours class  $240 prepaid 8x session) intermediate-Advanced

(Ages 10-16) Friday, 4:30-6pm(Rancho Santa Margarita)



Spring Break Camp, Winter Camp, and Summer Camp are also offered during the year.